A new chapter for digital subscriptions: Fonix partners with Bookchoice


We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with e-book and audiobook provider Bookchoice, whose media is all about convenience and quality and costs just £3.99. The services can be used across eReader, Kindle, phone, tablet or computer and consumers are granted access to 8 audiobooks or e-books, all of which they can permanently keep.

Thanks to our tech, Bookchoice will now have a mobile operator billing mechanic for its readers and listeners. Customers will be able to pay for ebooks and audiobooks using their devices, with the costs being charged to their mobile phone bills. This move reflects not only Bookchoice’s dedication to convenience and quality, but also the increasing need within the media sector for more services on demand.

Reader behaviour is constantly changing and an increasing number of consumers are now getting stuck into digital e-books and audiobooks, instead of purchasing traditional hard copies. Given this increase in demand, digital publishing services need super-slick payment models to be able to cater to this, allowing readers and listeners to pay as quickly and easily as possible. While card transactions are slow and complex, direct carrier billing involves fewer keystrokes and has much lower friction.

We can’t wait to see the effect that the carrier billing option has upon conversions! Take a peek at how the payment process will work here: