Fonix: Ahead of the Revenue Curve


Fonix: ahead of the revenue curve

It’s great to see from the recently released PhonepayPlus FY 2015 -16 annual review that operator billing revenues have grown by more than 50% in the last year, a trend which is expected to continue over the next twelve months.

At Fonix we’re not bang on trend, we’re ahead of the curve — having increased our Carrier Billing revenues by 111% over the same period. We’ve managed to achieve this by continuing to help our clients use this frictionless payment solution in new and creative ways, increasing payment conversion and revenue streams.

The PPP report also found that when it comes to consumer trust in mobile payments, charities are amongst the most trusted organisations by consumers. This trend certainly reflects the results we’ve been able to deliver for our charity clients such as Comic Relief and Children in Need.

Rob Weisz, CEO of Fonix, comments:

“It’s great to see the industry thriving. As Carrier Billing continues to grow we’re focussing our efforts on innovation, while entering into markets that have not traditionally seen Carrier Billing before such as financial, casual gaming and leisure.”

To read the full PPP report visit here.

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