Fonix And Paythru Launch Carrier Billing For Car Parks


Fonix and Paythru launch carrier billing for car parks

We’re excited to announce that local authorities and car park operators across the UK can now offer direct carrier billing as a payment method for car parking, so consumers can conveniently charge their parking to their mobile phone bill.

Paythru has integrated with our API, which gives car park operators scalable access to carrier billing. This means that via Paythru’s digital parking platform, carrier billing is offered as a payment method.

For consumers, paying with carrier billing for parking is very simple. After parking their car, they send a text message with relevant information (car registration number, parking zone, length of parking). The consumer then receives a confirmation text message and the payment is complete.

Consumers do not need mobile data access and therefore the solution is ideal for car parks in remote and rural areas. They also don’t need to sign up for any additional accounts or enter their credit card information. Instead, the fee is charged to their mobile phone bill which means even the unbanked are able to make payments.

Our partnership with Paythru is a perfect example of where carrier billing drastically improves the payment experience, conveniently and at the point of need. What’s more, it really shows the value of mobile payments to a much broader audience of consumers.