Fonix is providing a £20 mobile donation mechanic for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day 2017


We’re thrilled to announce that Red Nose Day will be introducing a £20 price point across numerous driver programmes and on the live night itself, alongside the original £5 and £10 mobile donation options. This means that for the first time the public will have the option to donate £20 to the Red Nose Day campaign, via mobile.

In previous years, there has only been the option to donate either £5 or £10 -this latest initiative will help increase the amount raised from mobile donations.

This follows the successful use of the £20 price point for the 2016 Children in Need campaign, which was the first time a £20 price point had ever been used in the UK. A total of £46.6 million was raised with a record breaking proportion coming from mobile donations.

Consumers are clearly trusting mobile donations, and realising that it’s the easiest, most efficient way to give to charity — you don’t even have to talk to anyone or move away from the sofa while watching TV.

Red Nose Day will be aired on Friday — we can’t wait to see the show!