Fonix joins Google’s RCS Messaging Early Access Program


Fonix joins Google’s RCS Messaging Early Access Program

We are excited to announce that Fonix has been granted access to Google’s Rich Communication Services (RCS) business messaging Early Access Program. We will be collaborating with Google to provide brands with enhanced features to the standard messaging experience on mobile devices.

With RCS, users can share a number of features such as location, group chats, high-resolution photo sharing, read receipts and typing indicators. These rich messages are delivered to users’ default messaging app on their device; all you need is a phone number.

Through the Fonix Messaging API platform, RCS will enable the delivery of improved business messaging to any Android mobile device, helping brands to engage with their consumers and provide a better mobile experience. This engagement could be used for a range of things, for example, sending branded messages, delivering valuable information like tickets, carousels for scrolling through purchase options or charities could even suggest replies and actions for gift aid collection.

The Android messaging service is a feature rich version of traditional SMS. It isn’t about calling time on SMS — it’s about improving upon the functionality that it already offers, creating a streamlined, interactive and more consumer-focused user experience.

It’s great to see technologies like RCS aligning themselves alongside SMS to provide customers with a richer and more personal experience. We’re looking forward to working with clients to see RCS in action — watch this space for updates.

To learn how you can upgrade your SMS messaging experience, contact the Fonix team.