Fonix partners with OMG to bring society lotteries into the 21st Century


We’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with Open Mobile Global, to provide a mobile operator billing mechanic for its clients running society lotteries!

Together, we’ll be launching society lotteries that operate with a mobile payment mechanic for the very first time with Alzheimer’s Society.

Society lotteries are run by charities to raise money for good causes. Many of these lotteries are extremely popular, and some have proceeds in excess of £250,000 in any one year!

Traditionally, those getting involved have entered into lotteries by buying paper tickets, and this evolved over the years to encompass credit and debit card payments. Essentially, we’re bringing society lotteries into the 21st century — by allowing consumers to enter lotteries simply by sending an SMS.

This means no more faffing around with credit cards, as all participants need to make a payment is a mobile phone number. As a payment mechanic, it’s easy, convenient and secure — supporters can have absolute confidence in it.

Here at Fonix, mobile donations have been hugely popular for our clients and we love making it easier for consumers to donate to charities; society lotteries using mobile operator billing provide a really exciting fundraising opportunity — we can’t wait to see the results!