Fonix support Challenging MND in their climb of ‘the height of Everest’


Last week, David and Heloise from our commercial team ascended on the Leadenhall Building to support the amazing work of Challenging MND. As a charity, their mission is to ensure those diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND), have the opportunity to create unforgettable memories with their family and friends which will last forever.

Alex Gibson, Co-Founder and Chairman of Challenging MND has Motor Neurone Disease. He challenges himself, friends and supporters, to go for big feats to prove his disease doesn’t hold him back, he’s completed cycling world records (a gruelling circumnavigation of 185 miles, around the Outer Hebrides which included 6 causeways), the three peaks challenge, double marathon walks, you name it! And he’s smashed all the challenges he has faced.

The challenge at hand last week was when Alex, his team and volunteers set out to climb the height of Mount Everest (8,850m!), in the Leadenhall Building (informally known as The Cheesegrater because of its distinctive wedge shape). It’s a 225-metre-tall skyscraper in central London and to complete this distance, it was 47 trips up and down the building! Over a period of 3 days, many participants went up and down the facility the full 47 times. David and Heloise both went along to show our support – they even climbed up and down the building once out of the 47 times. 

Fonix also provided the text-to-donate solution to help them maximise the funds raised for this amazing cause. 

Whilst most MND charities admirably raise money for much-needed medical research, Challenging MND sets out to create memorable challenges or experiences for people living with MND, giving them; their friends; and families; lifelong memories that can never be taken away. A huge thank you to the team at Challenging MND for having us and we look forward to supporting them again at one of their next crazy adventures!