From Radio to TV and Logistics: What’s Next for the Fonix Live Page?


We’re excited to introduce our Fonix Live Page, which allows organisations to interact with their consumers, in real time. It has been proven among Fonix clients in the broadcast industry to be a brilliant tool for building more personal relationships with audiences.

As you can see, the Live Page takes the form of a three-columned board, with incoming messages appearing on the main live board in real time. The page has an additional board, which can be used to view favourited, archived or colour-coded messages.

The platform is currently being used by a range of our media clients, allowing audiences to message in comments and requests. However, there’s a world of opportunity for other sectors that could really benefit from the Live Page, most notably:

  1. Live TV, such as chat shows where audience opinions are invited.
  2. Company logistics, such a managing shift patterns or locations for a lorry fleet.

So why is it such a good solution for these sectors?

Messages come through to the page in real-time, and this speed is exactly what’s needed for live TV when there are no retakes and no time for error. There are also a number of handy features to speed things up further, including the search bar which allows users to quickly search for words contained within messages and to pull up specific messages. Additionally, there is a ‘bookmark searches’ function which allows you to store old messages that you may need to re-find.

The Fonix Live Page also makes staying organised easy. The layout is deliberately simple, which means no scrabbling around trying to find a message when you’re under time pressure. A lorry fleet could be made up of a hundred lorries and there could be an even higher number of drivers — it’s essential that when there are so many messages coming through, they can be clearly ordered. The colours at the bottom of each message can also be clicked on to turn the message square (known as a “card”) to the selected colour — this allows users to group specific messages by colour and view them at once in the additional board.

The page also allows changes to be made to incoming messages, as the edit button lets users to make amends. This could be important if a message is being read out on air and grammar or offensive language needs changing or removing. There is also a reply option, giving users the option to respond to a sender if a more in depth conversation is required.

There is so much opportunity for the Live Page, whether it be for live TV, radio, company logistics or contact support the system provides speed, clarity and tools to stay organised. Watch this space as the platform expands to incorporate OTT messaging, RCS messaging and social media integration, providing an integrated comms solution for businesses.

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