Heart Radio Embraces Its Mobile Listeners For ‘Who’s On Heart’ With Voice Shortcodes


Heart Radio embraces its mobile listeners for ‘Who’s On Heart’ with voice shortcodes

Global Radio’s Heart Radio network is re-running its hugely popular Who’s On Heart competition giving listeners the chance to win up to £100K.

The competition, which runs across the entire Heart Radio network, comprising 21 local radio stations and 9.2 million weekly listeners, asks the public to dial in to guess the correct identity of three celebrity voices. Guessing one celebrity correctly wins £10K, two celebrities wins £20K and guess all three for £100K.

Entry to the competition, which is run via the Fonix messaging and payments platform, is conducted using mobile voice shortcodes. Whilst also more memorable the use of voice shortcodes brings price clarity to the competition because its 50p entry fee is the total amount deducted from the users phone bill.

Prior to Ofcom’s Non-Geographic Number Review it was common practice to use longer numbers that bundled the access and service charge together, resulting in differing charges depending on the network operator and confusion for consumers.

Whilst the operator out-payment structure (to the mobile operator, the technical service provider and Global Radio) is weighted differently to long-number alternatives, consumers evidently prefer the simplicity and bill clarity of mobile voice shortcodes. Moving away from the 09 long-number alternative has seen the Who’s On Heart call volumes increase dramatically in its early stages and that figure is expected to grow exponentially as the competition plays out over the coming months.

Equally importantly each interaction gives Heart Radio the opportunity to re-connect with competition entrants for CRM purposes and further mobile marketing messages such as new competition launches or other radio promotions.