Introducing CRM Automation A Personalised Consumer Experience With Messaging Campaigns


Introducing CRM Automation: a personalised consumer experience within messaging campaigns

We’re excited to announce the launch of CRM Automation: a set of customer engagement automation tools for our clients who use the Fonix platform to deliver mobile interactive services.

We’ve introduced new functionality to enable broadcasters to provide a more tailored experience for audiences when creating marketing communications, to maximise response rates and increase revenue for campaigns.

Clients will be able to schedule automated responses at predefined times for users based on their previous interactions with a campaign, meaning that clients will be able to target individuals uniquely with relevant message content in a timely manner and within sociable hours driving both optimal experience for users and engagement for the brands.

Our new CRM Automation quite simply makes campaigns more targeted, providing those that love engaging with services an experience that is focussed upon their interaction habits. It will drive engagement and crucially, help our clients to avoid sending unwanted messages to their audiences.

The functionality has a strong focus upon upholding a fantastic consumer experience, which is so important to Fonix and those that we work with. We’re excited to see the impact that this has upon our clients and to hear about the results that this has for their consumers!

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