Meet Andy and Heloise – Fonix’s Business Development Representatives


We’re back at it with another Fonix exclusive spotlight Q&A, this time it’s a BDR special! Andy and Heloise are the two newest members of the Fonix commercial team. 

Q: How have your first few months at Fonix been?

 Andy: Fantastic! I have already learned so much. I had an amazing company away day down in Bournemouth during my very first week. I got to meet everyone outside of the work environment and I think that really helped to solidify my relationships with the rest of the team. 

Heloise: It’s been an amazing first couple of months! I started working at Fonix the summer after I graduated, so I was initially anxious that there would be a really sharp learning curve, but everyone in the team here is so helpful and welcoming; it feels like I’ve been here for much longer already. 


Q: What makes Fonix different from other places you’ve worked?

Andy: I think what makes Fonix different is that they value each and every member of the company. We aren’t just numbers in a corporate machine; we have a voice and we are respected, valued, and ultimately, become integral to the success of the business. 

Heloise: I came to Fonix straight after finishing university, so there are lots of differences, of course – significantly fewer essays!


Q: What do you like about the products that Fonix offers?

Andy: I genuinely think DCB has the potential to be the future of payments. Everyone remembers their phone number but not necessarily their credit or debit card numbers. Allowing customers to pay for things with the one device they never leave behind makes transactions a cinch!

Heloise: I work on the charity side of Fonix’s commercial team, so my favourite part about the products we use is that I can see what we are doing helps people and that it can transform the fundraising capabilities of charities of all sizes.  


Q: How do you think Fonix will help your career development?

Andy: I think Fonix will help my career development because everyone who works for the company is very approachable, friendly and incredibly intelligent. I always feel like I can ask questions, seek out advice and get the support I need from my colleagues which I know will become invaluable in the long run when I look to progress, acquire additional responsibilities and climb up the so-called “corporate ladder”.

Heloise: Working in Sales is a really unique experience, and it can definitely take a while to get used to, but what I love the most about it is that really you can have amazing conversations with people every day. It can take resilience and determination sometimes, but I’m so grateful to have this training from such a fantastic company. 

I feel so lucky that my first role as a graduate has been with Fonix. It’s such an exciting and dynamic place to work, and I feel like I’ve already learned so much. From day one, I’ve been made to feel like a really important part of the team, and it’s great to be given so much responsibility and to be trusted with that. 


Q: What do you like most about Fonix?

 Andy: Definitely the people. It sounds very cliche but for me, I’m very much a people person and I think the team that Fonix has garnered and fostered is second to none. Oh, and the dog-friendly office policy!

Heloise: Can I say the endless supply of coffee?

On a serious note, everyone has been so welcoming, and the company culture has made me feel so at home. Being able to attend meetings and talk about the work I’ve been doing makes me feel like a really valued member of the team; it’s a complete meritocracy. 


Q: What is your proudest (career/life) moment so far and why?

Andy: I started my career working as a professional actor in London. My proudest achievement so far is being a part of Mission: Impossible – Fallout. I got to meet and work with Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill and Christopher Mcquarrie. Definitely a pinch-me moment.

Heloise: I think my proudest moment is when a piece that I wrote while I was studying was published in a peer-reviewed journal, just reinforcing that hard work pays off! Either that, or when I made my first deal at Fonix and everyone clapped! It was very sweet. 


Q: A typical weekend for you is…

Andy: Going out with friends for a few drinks or going for dinner. Catching up with family from back home. Doing the odd jobs and working on my side projects, sports (climbing, swimming, football etc) reading a good book or getting myself into a good series. Lush.

Heloise: Reading, going out with my flatmates, all very exciting stuff… 


Q: Tell us one thing people don’t know about you.

Andy: I was the official choice for Time’s Person of the Year, in 2006. 

Heloise: I think by this point I’m a bit of an open book..!


Q: 3 words to describe Fonix

Andy: Omniscient. Omnipresent. Omnipotent.

Heloise: Ambitious, energetic, fun!