Our Direct Payment API – One Year On


Our Direct Payment API — One Year On

Has it been a year already? It’s actually been over twelve months since we first introduced our Direct Payment API, which is now used by numerous brands and organisations to process millions of transactions each year.

The product allows brands to easily integrate Direct Carrier Billing alongside their existing billing systems, with the transaction being executed securely, within their own branded checkout.

The beauty of Direct Carrier Billing is its ease of use that enables consumers to charge purchases to their mobile phone bill. The simple payment mechanic makes completing a transaction as easy as two clicks of a button. This makes it highly effective for converting new customers as is perfectly suited for lower value payments like travel and gadget insurance, media paywalls and charitable donations.

For security, we created a two factor authentication mechanic which ensures our product is extremely robust. It’s also highly scalable and proven to deliver hundreds of transactions per second during numerous high traffic events. We also offer highly competitive rates.

However, one of the main reasons our Direct Payment product has been so effective for our clients is because we always work in a collaborative and consultative manner to ensure they are using Direct Carrier Billing intelligently as part of their paywall strategy. For many clients, this has led to three times the amount of new customer conversions and has increased overall revenue by a third.

It’s about finding the right mix of payments that work for each client, so that acquisition is maximised while existing customers have the opportunity to move across to credit card based payments if beneficial.

If you want to talk to Fonix about our Direct Payment API or any of our products please contact hello@fonix.com.