Strategy by the Sea: Team Fonix heads to Brighton


On Thursday 26th July, Team Fonix made their way down to the south coast for the annual Fonix strategy day — this year’s choice of location was sunny Brighton, and yes it was also the hottest day of year!

Based on the seafront, the day provided us with a chance to reflect on the past year, discuss what’s gone well, run through development points and planning for future success — all with a glorious, picturesque seaside setting!

The day featured team-building exercises to heat up the competition. The beach volleyball was fun-filled and slightly sweaty, with the competitive bunch at Fonix really showcasing their sporting talent.

This was followed by a treasure hunt around the city, during which everyone was split into smaller teams and sent on a GPS hunt. This involved a series of quiz questions, which could only be answered at various locations around Brighton. The team led by our Finance Director, Liz Ayto, really got to grips with exploring and secured the most points!

Commercial Manager Ollie getting involved in one of the treasure hunt photo challenges

The day culminated in a team meal, featuring a presentation and a set of Fonix Oscars (or Foscars) handed out by CEO Rob Weisz to recognise outstanding work. These included Best Actor, won by Senior Software Engineer Marco Borzi, and the Best Office Spirit Award, won by Client Services Executive Allie Kemp.

All in all, the day was a great way to reinforce the team’s common purpose and we returned feeling refreshed and refocused.