Sunshine, strategy and punting: Team Fonix heads to Oxford


Last week was Fonix’s annual strategy away day. This year we all hopped on a train and took a trip to the historic and scenic city of Oxford.

Sat in the gorgeous sunshine we had the opportunity to reflect upon the year and delve into exciting future endeavours at Fonix. This was a golden moment for us to come together as a team and think big for the future of Fonix.

We continued the day with team building which consisted of punting along the rivers of Oxford. Thankfully, we all returned in one piece and more surprisingly we all returned dry, even if we didn’t quite return on time.

With all that punting we really worked up an appetite, so we had a big team meal during which our CEO Rob Weisz presented the Foscars Awards (Fonix Oscars) which included such classics as: “Human Megaphone Award” won by our Development Manager, David Pereira, we had a dead heat for the “Caffeine Addict Award” which was determined by a decider question and ultimately won by Finance Manager, Jess Kennedy, and of course for our “Social Butterfly Award” there could only be one winner, Grace Carrick for all her energy, planning and organisation of all social activities here at Fonix.

We finished off the day with a night of karaoke and dancing at a local Alice in Wonderland themed watering hole. The best way to round off a great day of sunshine and strategy.