Text-To-Donate Raises Over £9.5 Million In One Day For Comic Relief’s 2017 Appeal


Text-to-donate raises over £9.5 million in one day for Comic Relief’s 2017 appeal

We’re excited to announce that our platform processed £9.5m worth of text donations on live night for this year’s Red Nose Day fundraiser. It was great to be supporting Comic Relief in powering mobile donations for the third year in a row.

The live show took place on 24th March and saw the public dig deep to raise money for those in need across the world. Via text-to-donate, donations were gathered with on-screen promotions in £10 and for the first time, £20 amounts.

The £20 price point alone generated a huge £5.4 million in mobile donations, out of the total £9.5 million raised via mobile — this was 57% of the total amount raised by mobile.

The staggering amount raised really demonstrates the power of mobile in combination with emotive content; there was a peak in the campaign where our platform processed over 18,000 donations — all in the space of a minute!

A fantastic result for Comic Relief, for a fantastic cause.