Top 10 Takeaways — the Fonix and Vodafone Mobile Billing and Messaging Showcase


Top 10 Takeaways — the Fonix and Vodafone Mobile Billing and Messaging Showcase

On Wednesday 6th November, we co-hosted a networking event with Vodafone at Zela London. The event brought together a range of brands and offered insight into mobile billing and messaging.

With some serious tropical rainforest vibes: exotic greenery draped across the walls and ceilings, velvet blue booths nuzzled beneath original arched windows and beach bamboo; the decor certainly set the scene for what was to be a great night ahead.

We heard presentations from Vodafone, Global and psychologist Dr Simon Moore, as well as enjoying some tasty Mediterranean-inspired Japanese cuisine.

Here are our top ten takeaways from the night:

#1 The psychology of emotion
Psychologist Dr Simon Moore discussed the psychology of acquisition and engagement and how the consumer brain processes information and attends to feeling rather than individual things such as price, quality, product and service pragmatics.

#2 The power of the subconscious mind
Simon went on to discuss how we make 35,000 decisions a day and no more than 100 are made consciously.

#3 Understand your customer
Failure of understanding your customer is a common acquisition fail. Dr Simon Moore discussed how brands need to revisit the journey they’re asking customers to take, key touch points and potential ‘nudges’.

#4 Language changes increased Gift Aid declarations
For Global’s Make Some Noise, Joel Stern and Emma Bradley from Global talked about how simple language changes in the text message push for Gift Aid increased conversions by 10%. The message was more explicit on the Gift Aid amounts available to claim. Previously the messages had focussed on the benefits of giving Gift Aid.

Joel and Emma

#5 Chris Moyles Pubcast thrives from delayed donation technology
Joel and Emma talked about how the Chris Moyles Show team spent an afternoon in the pub for a special charity podcast for Global’s Make Some Noise. You could download or stream The Chris Moyles Show Pubcast by texting PUB to 83936. For this years Pubcast, SMS was used for the very first time. Using Fonix’s delayed donation technology, a voluntary £5 donation went to Global’s Make Some Noise, consumers could text “CANCEL” to opt out of this. A huge 88% of Pubcast listeners donated.

#6 People are willing to give more via SMS
The average donation value was up 39% year-on-year and the total contribution via SMS was up a huge 59% year-on-year.

#7 Using SMS as a donation mechanic contributed to staggering results
Overall, a massive £4.1m was raised for Make Some Noise’s Charities.

#8 RCS is the future of messaging
Michaela Sandru of Vodafone showcased RCS messaging. She talked about RCS being the future of messaging and how it will enable improved business messaging to any Android mobile device. Essentially RCS will help brands to engage with their consumers and provide a better mobile experience.

#9 RCS and mobile billing can work together
RCS engagement could be used for a range of things, for example, sending branded messages, paying for tickets, carousels for scrolling through and entering competitions or charities could even suggest replies and actions for Gift Aid collection.

#10 Competition (a tech bundle to quite literally takeaway)
Guests were invited to enter a text competition using our delayed donation technology! A voluntary £5 donation went to Global’s Make Some Noise. We then selected a winner using the Fonix Winner Picker tool — the winner was Andy Shaw from Tectonic! He took away from the event a Google Home, record player, smartphone printer, playstation alarm clock and more. Well done Andy!

Our CEO Rob and competition winner Andy

A huge shout-out to everyone who attended and a special thank you to our speakers. Photos from the event are available on our Facebook page — go check them out!