Why Carrier Billing is even more tempting than pancakes


What could be better than pancakes? Warm, soft, fluffy and covered in maple syrup — Pancake Day really has got our mouths watering. But we’ve got something even better.

Pancakes might be tasty, but they’re a lot of faff. According to Professor Frank Smith, the average person will ruin two or more pancakes when attempting to flip them. And what about all that washing up?

Meanwhile, we’re cooking up an absolute storm with our faff-free Carrier Billing platform.

Imagine if consumers could pay for your services on their mobile devices, without the hassle of using credit cards. Paying for parking, buying cinema tickets, magazine subscriptions, digital content, the list goes on — consumers are constantly getting their credit cards out to go through the same boring, time-consuming routines.

Fonix’s Carrier Billing platform means that they can be charged directly to their phone bills, through desktop, mobile or apps — there’s no need for a credit card and all users are required to do is two taps on their devices for payment to be complete.

Whether they’re paying on mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop or TV, they’ll have an optimised payment experience and will be charged to their phone bills — it’s so quick and simple, what could be better?

Definitely not pancakes.