Channel 5

Increasing audience engagement via mobile


Channel 5, one of Britain’s biggest commercial broadcasters selected Fonix to deliver mobile interactivity across their formats including The Gadget Show, Dogs Behaving Badly, Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun, and Home and Away.


Melissa Goodwin

Head of Commercial Partnerships, Channel 5/Viacom

Over the last 8 years we’ve enjoyed a great working relationship with Fonix, with the team always delivering an exceptional technical and operational service.

The Challenge

What was our job?

Most consumers now watch TV while on their phone, tablet etc; TV no longer has 100% of their attention. When running interactive services, reaching out and engaging has become a crucial part to a formats success. With the mobile phone being such a personal device, providing viewers with a positive experience plays an integral role to engagement levels…and that’s where Fonix’s intelligent CRM strategy came in.

"positive experience plays an integral role to engagement levels"

The Solution

Finding the best way

Fonix work with Channel 5 to deliver competitions, promotions and interactive response messaging and CRM services.

Viewers are able to interact and engage with their favourite TV shows, giving Channel 5 the opportunity to optimise their mobile campaigns in an increasingly value added TV experience.

For competitions, Fonix delivered a 29 for 15 competition entry mechanic. If a consumer text in twice they receive a free third entry, if they text in two more times they receive another entry free and so on. Fonix’s intelligent CRM and data segmentation strategy provided consumers with specific marketing messages based on their activity, maximising entry levels while providing a positive user journey.

The Results


increase in competition entries

Increased customer retention rates

Increase in the number of competition entries

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