Payments API

Powering mobile operator payments for platforms & applications

Our payment APIs allow you to build payment experiences enabling instant customer acquisition and recurring revenue generation.

Why use our Payments API?

Fonix’s payment APIs connect digital content merchants, gaming operators, transport operators, media companies and charities to mobile network operators.

Fonix’s Carrier Billing API charges users to their phone bills through desktop, mobile or apps. Carrier billing is most commonly used for ticketing (e.g. parking tickets), content (e.g. paying for film, live sport, magazines) and cash deposits.

Fonix’s SMS Billing API charges users to their phone bills via SMS. From purchasing services or making charitable donations and are charged by sending the text message. SMS billing is most commonly used for digital purchases, such as content, donations, voting, competitions and polls.

To start using our Payment APIs please visit our documentation.

Embed payments into your application or platform for a seamless user experience – from acquisition to recurring revenue.

Monetise your platform with new lines of revenue from customers who would otherwise abandon the process.

Go live quickly with a single integration that minimises operational complexity and development resources.

Whether you’re just getting started or onboarding millions of customers, Fonix makes it easy to integrate and grow where your customers go.

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