Messaging API

Mobile Messaging APIs for reliable SMS delivery

Create exceptional communication with your consumers.

Why use our Messaging API?

The robust, scalable Messaging API from Fonix enables effective communication with your customers for user identification, two-factor authentication (2FA), payment confirmations, transactional notifications and marketing messages. The Messaging API can be used with our direct carrier billing and SMS billing platforms or as a standalone solution. Integrate SMS into your existing services in minutes.

To start using our Messaging API please visit our documentation.

Spark conversations, adopt powerful CRM techniques and increase lifetime value.

Whether it’s 1 or 1 million customers, adopt a scalable solution for your organisation.

Fonix has direct connections to the mobile networks allowing for carrier-grade speed, reliability and security.

Start sending in no time with our easy integration. Fonix supports both SMPP and HTTP API’s.

Additional benefits​

Stay on brand

Build brand awareness and consumer confidence by sending messages from your company name with up to 11 alpha-numeric characters.

Detailed reporting

Analyse the messages you send and receive in real-time. You’ll know exactly when your SMS messages have arrived, failed to reach the recipient, or if you have received a message. You can also keep your database up to date by discarding numbers that are not reachable or no longer active.