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Acquire new paying customers via mobile carrier billing

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Driving mobile conversion with effective deposit flows

Carrier billing from Fonix unlocks new revenue for gaming operators by giving users the option to deposit conveniently via their mobile phone bill.

Fonix’s strategic approach is to implement carrier billing as a frictionless conversion tool which drives users to deposit, rather than simply integrating another alternative payment method.

What are the benefits?

Why Fonix?

Unique features


Validate your customers' identity with
reliable carrier data

Fonix checks against carrier data in order to verify identity attributes to effectively reduce fraud attempts.

Checkout optimisation

Enhanced payment flows which drive deposits
and improve the user experience

Fonix's carrier billing reduces the time necessary to deposit funds, increasing the checkout conversion and ultimately revenue.

Did you know?

Mobile carrier billing reduces churn at the point of payment, what would 10% additional deposit revenue mean to your business? – download factsheet (gated content)

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Video Q & A

‘How mobile carrier billing makes an impact in the gaming industry’ featuring our CEO Rob Weisz and Rory Howard, Managing Director at Eyas Gaming.

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Common Questions

Considered a responsible gaming payment, there is a daily spend limit of £40 in the UK, set by the PSA. On a monthly basis, there is a £240 limit as set by regulations within PSD2.

2 Factor-Authentication is in place with a 4 digit PIN being sent to the handset and is required to complete the transaction in the checkout.

The Mobile Network Operators hold various elements of identity information about their customers which our KYC and AV checks can refer to. Learn more by visiting our identity product page.

Carrier Billing and Mobile Operator Payments have been confirmed as exempt from the ruling of the UKGC Credit Card Ban, confirmed by the Secretary of State for DCMS.