Campaign Manager

The platform of choice for engagement & interactivity

Campaign Manager provides brands with full autonomy when managing SMS campaigns

Why use Campaign Manager?

Fonix’s easy-to-use CPaaS platform allows donations, competitions and consumer interaction to be managed all in one place. Our intelligent CRM tools allow marketing messages to be automated or scheduled to optimise revenue and the customer experience. Winners can be selected in our fully audited environment, Winner Picker. A full reporting dashboard ensures every aspect of a campaign can be measured.

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From scheduling start and end times, setting up multiple keywords to allow multiple routes to entry, automating messages outside of a competition window and more.

By removing lengthy paperwork, compliance complexity and the need to create hundreds of one-off campaigns individually, our fully audited Winner Picker helps you launch your competitions and pick winners quickly.

The platform offers delayed donation technology which enables donors to donate or to opt-out of a donation whilst entering a competition.

Our reporting effortlessly handles even the most complex scenarios – a breakdown for a marketing group, consumer spend, messaging costs, campaign profit and even delivery rates by mobile network.

A ‘live page’ that manages incoming messages in real-time. Filter and create content quickly; designed and developed to give brands exactly what is required for a live and fast-paced environment.

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