Keep age-restricted services in the right hands

Our relationships with the mobile network operators allows data verification, helping you get to Know Your Customer

Why use Identity?

Fonix Identity allows you to validate that a mobile number is real, live, and that the associated user is who you are expecting.
An individual’s name (first and last), address (including postcode) and their D.O.B. can be checked in real-time, making this an essential tool to help keep your sensitive content or age-restricted products and services in the right hands.

To start using our Identity product please contact us.

Identity key benefits

Prevent Fraud

Mobile data can be used to rapidly check for use of fraudulent information or whether a device is reported lost or stolen.

Know Your Customer

Identity is a vital tool to help ensure databases are accurate when approving purchases or sending sensitive information.

Prevent Access

Make sure you are trading legally by confirming the age of your customers and keeping your age-restricted products and services in the right hands.